HappyEnergy Here I show a few things that are important to me in my personal life. The most of this site is in Dutch, sorry about that. But further down on this page you can find a description of my plan to build a highly ecological camper.

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We love trekking around in all different countries, cultures, landscapes. We are near the age that we can afford that for longer periods. And over the age that we like camping. So, a new dream comes along: a camper!

It all started for us with a campertrip in the US, around the Grand Canyon. In a heavy and big truck. Comfortable, but so thirsty! We thought we shouldn't travel that way!

So I started dreaming of a vehicle that would be light and compact while driving, as clean as possible, endurable, yet roomy when standing and on top of that permitting us to use the wheels, while leaving the house at the campsite!

First of all: ecologic traction. Electric or hybrid. My favourite: electric wheels (in-wheel electromotors), batteries in the chassis, possibly a generator on board to reload the batteries.

Moreover: Separate car and home parts. Like a pick-up camper, but a bit bigger than that (for camping) or smaller than that (when driving)! So: envision a modest pickup truck (the size of a medium passengercar) with a flat loadingfloor (in fact the chassis behind the two-seater frontcabin) and a compact "camperunit" that can be loaded on top of that loadfloor. Well, better look at the sketches below...

Important: a short, low and more or less aerodynamically shaped total vehicle, not to heavy.

And on the campsite we lift it with three legs on the sides and back of the camperunit, drive off the car, lower the floor part of the unit, push up the roof lart and see: a livingroom-kitchen with enough headroom, and a sleeping floor over the sitting area. You won't believe it till you see it! A compact bathroom (shower/toilet), 2 seating benches, a smaal kitchen, and some central space.

Halfway 2011 I started the first preparations: contacting all kinds of professionals. I found a smaal company near Groningen that can advise me and build the camperunit. That part hopefully being solved, I now (oktober 2011) am looking for and contacting professionals in the automotive branche about traction, conversion to electric, suitable cares etc. And visiting camper-fairs etc. So far so good!


A first sketch of what I envision, more or less, the idea can still evolve in the process...

Basic form eco-camper;

Ready to drive:



In use for camping:



Of course: all tips, critics and feedback are welcome! >

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Best greetings, Frits Visser


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